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Henry M. Peck


Farmer; Sec. 16; P. O. Muskego Center; born near Whitehall, New York, May 5, 1827; his parents, Romanta and Polly (Durgin) Peck, both Vermonters, settled in 1835 in Mendon, Monroe Co., N. Y., where Henry M. lived until 1837; his brother, Rufus C., made claims for himself and a brother, W.D., in Muskego during 1836; and in May 1837, R. C., and Henry M. Peck settled on Sec. 8; here the pioneer brothers worked together nine years.

The first summer was spent in a 12x13 claim-shanty; in this, were R. C. Peck, wife and two children, besides Henry M. Peck; they lived under a bark roof on a puncheon floor; cooked in a small tin baker, and in kettles hung on poles over a fire-place, backed up with mud and stones; only blankets hung in the door and window- openings to separate them from the wolves howling outside.

In 1846, Mr. Peck bought eighty acres of the very heavy timber on Sec. 16; one tree cut by him here was eighteen feet in circumference; he now owns 150 acres, of which 90 have been literally chopped out; the timber at first burned in log heaps, was at a later day sold as cordwood and lumber.

The log-house of early days was replaced in 1873 by tasteful brick farmhouse, and a good barn, etc., built. He married Miss Harriet, daughter of John and Lucy Post; Mrs. Peck was born in England, her parents coming to America when she was three years old and were early settlers in Muskego, where they began with just five cents and made a good record.

Mr. and Mrs. Peck have nine children - Josephine, Oscar, Henry F., Eva, Michael, Nellie G., Hazen, Dora and Ada, all born in Muskego; Mr. Peck is an attendant of the local churches; a Republican and was town Treasurer once, and Supervisor twice.

(From "History of Waukesha County" by Western Historical Company, Chicago 1880)

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