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Francis Wollman

Settler / Farmer

Francis Wollman

Farmer, Sec. 2; P. O. Tess Corners; born in Reignberg, German Bohemia, in 1811; his father, Anton, was a doctor and a large farmer.

Francis attained a good education, knows four languages, and learned the farrier's profession in Germany; he fought on the patriot side through the rebellion of 1848, and can show scars of sword, bayonet and bullet wounds then received; he assessed three Bohemian towns in 1850, and collected the taxes in them; and served three and a half years as Supervisor, resigning a week before coming to America in 1852, with his wife, formerly Barbara Ehrlich, born 1818, in Reignberg, locating the same year on his homestead of 110 acres; it was then a wilderness of heavy timber, except 15 acres of stumps.

They began in a leaky log house; were stricken with ague, and we can hardly blame Mrs. W., who had left an elegant home, for being heartsick and homesick; they kept on, and the large and pleasant home, with a number of large and well-filled barns, is the reward. Mr. W. has prospered well, and has given each of his children $1,000 in land or money; he has owned over 400 acres.

He has also followed the practice of veterinary surgery with the best of success, over a wide range in all adjoining towns, and even in Milwaukee.

Mr. and Mrs. Wollman have six children - Frank, Mary, Charles, Annie, Julia and William, all born in Bohemia; Anthony- and Emilie (born in Muskego), are dead; Frank is in a store in Appleton, Wis.; William, only, remains with the old folks; he married Sarah Baasa.

(From "History of Waukesha County" by Western Historical Company, Chicago 1880)

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