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DandiLion Park

Tailspin in Parade 8/2011

Tailspin Roller Coaster sign in the 2011 Muskego Parade (credit: Denise Konkol)

Muskego Beach Amusement Park (1861–1967), later known as DandiLion Park (1968–1977), was a popular amusement park located on the southern bank of Little Muskego Lake.

Charles Rose, operator of Wisconsin State Fair Park purchased Muskego Beach Amusement Park from Mrs. William Boszhardt in 1944. After World War II he reopened it. The park included rides, games of chance and was a venue for musical bands. Charles Rose died in 1963 and five years later, Willard Masterson purchased the park. He renamed it, "DandiLion Park" and added more amusement rides including the Tailspin roller coaster. A pioneer cemetery was located next to it. The bodies were eventually disinterred and moved to other cemeteries. The site was paved over for a parking lot. In 1974 an eleven year old boy fell from the ferris wheel and died. Other rides at the park included, a carousel merry-go-round, the Wild Mouse, a miniature train and the Whip.

The park was closed and demolished when attendance dropped after Great America opened in Gurnee, Illinois. The Tailspin roller coaster was dismantled and the wood was sold off for firewood. Some of the buildings were burned and used as practice for the fire department. The land was eventually developed into housing.

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Fatal Ferris Wheel Accident at DandiLion Park
Ferris Wheel Halted Ferris Wheel Halted
(source: Milwaukee Sentinel July 18, 1974)

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